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    Getting The Most From Performance Reviews For Employees (Details)

    Isn't your career worth $9.95?

    Kindle version, can be read on almost any device from computer to KindleOr Get It On The Kindle

    One of the few instructional products for employees, it teaches them how to be active, responsible and reasonable participants in the performance appraisal process, so that everyone can benefit. Managers often purchase multiple copies to use with their staff, but also idea for regular employees.

    How To Deal With Negative, Critical Or "Unfair" Performance Reviews (Details)

    Tips for dealing with a disappointing or unfair performance evaluation

    Kindle version, can be read on almost any device from computer to KindleOr Get It On The Kindle

    It's the most common, and urgent question employees have about their performance appraisals: What should I do if I receive a critical or unfair assessment from my manager? No surprise. It's an unpleasant experience particularly if you expected a more positive review and end up disappointed. Now you can be prepared for the worst before you walk in to your performance review, or use this valuable career tool to help guide you through the steps to respond to a negative appraisal.

    Layoff Proofing While You Still Have A Job (Details)

    Prepare for possible layoffs

    Kindle version, can be read on almost any device from computer to KindleNot yet available for Kindle

    Our jobs are linked to the larger economy, and the last year there have been a lot of bumps in the road. The result is that more people are being laid-off or otherwise losing their jobs. The reality is that the only security any of us has is that which we create ourselves. There's a lot of good material on job searches and other layoff related topics to help you get through if you are unfortunate enough to be laid-off or downsized. As usual we help you from a different angle. We believe that what you do while you have a job is what is going to determine whether you spiral downward when laid-off or prosper. If you plan properly, it's possible to end up better off after a layoff than before. This helpcard (a quick learning double sided card) maps out the areas you need to attend to to be "ready" if you lose your job. By having things in place beforehand, you can almost breeze through the experience.Visit our store for more options

    There IS An "I" In Team - Contributing To Your Own Team's Health (Details)

    Isn't your career worth $9.95?

    Kindle version, can be read on almost any device from computer to KindleOr Get It On The Kindle (coming soon)

    Management notices people who contribute to their work teams, and also those that tend to be poor teammates. As a result people who get increased responsibilities and promotions tend to be those that work with others well. In this LearnBytes Mini-Guide, we cover the essential attititudes and behaviors that make you an effective teammate, focusing on taking personal responsibility.

    Influencing Your Boss - Getting Heard (Details)

    Isn't your career worth $9.95?

    Kindle version, can be read on almost any device from computer to KindleOr Get It On The Kindle (coming soon)

    It's frustrating when you can't get a good hearing from your manager, whether it's when asking for a raise or promotion, or just having your ideas taken seriously. It's easy to point fingers at a manager who doesn't listen but the reality is that often it's HOW you communicate your message, and WHEN you do it that determines whether your boss gives you a good hearing. From this mini-guide you'll learn what bosses want, how to time your message, and how to get your boss to listen to you, and take you seriously.



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